Welcome to popejude.com!

The idea behind my analysis sheets is to be another set of eyes on the past performances. They will often be a source of information that is made available to me from trainers, jockeys, clockers and other players in our sport that fans often don’t often have at their disposal.  Sometimes they'll be a useful tool when time doesn’t allow for full handicapping and you want to play anyway.

The races are listed by post times instead of grouped by track, so that you can follow along as they come up during the day. Remember, at some tracks, like Gulfstream Park, post times are merely suggestions. 

I write the sheets like a conversation with you...like we are wagering together at our local track, because we really are. The races on the sheets are the ones I have found most interesting or lucrative on the day's card. Every race is not playable. Sometimes there are too many contenders. Often, the favorite looks tough to defeat and there will be no money to be made. I'm certainly not always right, but I do the work and bet with the confidence that years of experience brings. Let's win together!